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 Bio: Telkun Bias

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PostSubject: Bio: Telkun Bias   Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:25 am

Sorry the pictures so big. Couldn't get it smaller. -_-

Name: Telkun Bias


Birthday: October 13th

Occupation: Formerly a Librarian in Minas Tirith, Currently an Adventurer and Healer [among other things] for the Locksley Family Enterprises.

Relations: Son of Telchind Bias, A well known swordsman in Minas Tirithís forces. His grandfather was known to be a farmer. Not much else is known about the rest of his family. Yet.

Appearance: Heís of average height, with a slightly thin build. He doesnít look strong, nor overly quick. Cunning perhaps but there's usually a warm and somewhat boyish look to his smile. Something in his cobalt blue eyes just has a tendency to set a person at ease. He has a very well kept look about his clothes and hair. In truth, he looks as if he could be a noblemanís son, if not for the way he handles himself.

He seems more mature and well traveled for a man of his age, but once you spend a few moments talking to him, itís obvious heís not been out in the world very long. His skin is a bit paler than most from Gondor, a sign heís spent too much time indoors with his chosen vocation.

Biography: Telkun grew up in Minas Tirith but unlike most children, he didnít care much about playing or sword fighting. He wanted to learn, and learn he did. He hardly went a day without reading at least one book before bed. He snuck off from school, just so he could sneak into the grand library and read scrolls from days long past.. Whatever they taught him in school, he had learned weeks before on his own.

All of this was much to the disappointment of his father, who try as he might, couldnít get Telkun to take up the sword. Telchind did what he could, but his son just had no love for conflict. Still, Telkun learned more than enough about battle from his father and from the tomes he spent hours reading.

As he grew older, he started to write for himself. Songs and stories alike. He took a fancy to the lute but learned most of the instruments available to him. He loved to play when he was alone but usually far too shy to ever play in front of someone.

Soon Telkun grew to the age of twenty and three. Most of the books and scrolls in all of Minas Tirith had been devoured by his eyes. He wasnít too well known unless you were searching for a certain book or scroll. His position in the library was well known among the scholars of the city and it was said heíd be the head librarian when he grew older.

Telkun however, had a burning urge deep in him. Most likely sparked by his father and tales of his grandfather. And events on a certain night, on a certain day took that little urge and turned it into an inferno. Almost without warning, Telkun had decided it was time to leave Minas Tirith, and even Gondor itself, to visit lands he only read about. What happened that night is only known to himself for now, a mystery not many will ever solve.

He had been missing Gondor a great deal until one day in Bree he was sitting by the fountain outside the Prancing Pony and a young girl sat near him...
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Bio: Telkun Bias
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