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 Mistell Hilarity

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PostSubject: Mistell Hilarity   Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:11 pm

Got a funny MT that had everyone else in stitched? Post it here! Here's one to get us started by good old Jack.

You tell Jackram, '*coughs* LOOK A MONKEY!*points behind him*'
[Kinship] Jackram: r as long as it stays out of your pants.
[Kinship] Jackram: Hmm ... that couldn't possibly have gone more wrong.
[To Kinship] *Bursts out laughing*
[Kinship] Camus: Hooray for mistells
[Kinship] Jackram: It's not like that. I was talking about a monkey
[Kinship] Jackram: That doesn't help much, does it?
[To Kinship] *Rolling over here laughing*
[Kinship] Penwyn: Oh, and that makes it better? /giggles profusely.
[Kinship] Camus: Which means you must have been talking to Telk?
[Kinship] Jackram: Yes yes, this is all his fault somehow.
[To Kinship] Crap, they're on to us.
[To Kinship] hide the monkies! They musn't know about our black market trade!
[Kinship] Jackram: -makes slight adjustments to Telk's dosage- Don't worry guys, I'll find the right prescription for him soon.
[To Kinship] *laughs maniacally*They're after me you know. The Girlspiracy and the monkies.
[To Kinship] They're all connected somehow but I just can't figure out how yet
[To Kinship] But I will.
[To Kinship] Oh, I will.
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Mistell Hilarity
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